Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rocking the 'Gunks!

The brilliant white profile of The Shawangunk Ridge is widely recognized as one of the finest climbing centers in the US, considered by many to be the Yosemite of the East.

Known in climbing circles simply as “The Gunks”, this world-famous 12-mile long escarpment is home to more than 1200 ascent routes which entice climbers with colorful names like “Space Invaders”, “Twilight Zone”, and “Pumping Pygmies”.

Many of the classic routes first established by Fritz Weissner and Hans Kraus have become legendary in rock climbing circles; for some, negotiating epic 'Gunks ascents like High Exposure, Gargoyle, and Gelsa are practically a right of passage.

Flocking to the 'Gunks in record numbers to enjoy related activities like bouldering, mountain biking, and hang-gliding, climbers of every skill level are invited to experience the Shawangunk ridge for themselves.

Not only a haven for Climbers, the Shawangunk Ridge boasts thousands of acres of unspoiled natural beauty and scenic views for all; even a comfortable stroll through Minnewaska’s carriageways or a quick stop at one of many roadside overlooks can be a richly rewarding experience!

You won't believe just how affordable a hotel in the Gunks can be!  Located just minutes from the ridge, the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa offers climbers and their families resort accommodations at “rock bottom” prices.

With a European health spa, fitness center, game room, tennis & basketball courts on site, the Hudson Valley Resort truly has something for everyone. Give us a call today, and we'll help make the most of your stay.

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