Thursday, May 4, 2017

5 Hot Tips for an Unforgettable Memorial Day Cookout

Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and for many people it's the official start of the backyard grilling season!

You can get the most from your Memorial Day gathering with a little planning, a few precautions, and by following these five hot tips for an unforgettable Memorial Day cookout.

If you’re hosting a back-yard cookout this Memorial Day weekend, plan things out well before the guests arrive.  Do your shopping far in advance and you will avoid a lot of stress by being properly prepared.

After gathering your supplies, it's time for a safety check.  Nothing can ruin a good cookout like a trip to the emergency room.   Familiarize yourself with how to operate your grill, and remember: safety first!

So what’s the secret to the perfect back-yard cookout?

We asked our expert catering team how to guarantee grilling success, and they came up with these five hot tips for an unforgettable Memorial Day cookout.

Make sure your equipment is clean and well maintained.  Your grill should be spotless: completely free of grease, grime, rust, old ash and other hazards. Confirm that everything is in proper working order well before your event to guarantee success. 

Use fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Today’s  marketplace makes it easier and more affordable than ever to work with healthier, more sustainable food options which deliver far superior results than mass-market products.

Season your ingredients before you light your grill.  Allow enough time for rubs and spices to work their magic before grilling or you’ll just end up dumping them into the flames. 

Remember- good things come to those who wait!  Let your meat rest out of the fridge for 20 minutes before grilling to guarantee they remain tender and juicy. This is the key for even cooking and perfect grill-marks.  

Find time to enjoy your guests!  Nothing is more successful in creating the perfect backyard cookout than the company of family and friends, good music and great food. Don't let the stress of cooking ruin your day.
Your best option? Let us do all the work! Join us this Memorial Day Weekend, and make the most of the holiday! Your family will enjoy games and activities, swimming in the outdoor pool, an evening bonfire with s'mores, face painting for the kids and more while our expert catering team grills up all your favorite summertime fare.

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