Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exploring Minnewaska's Natural Beauty

The majestic beauty and natural wonder of Minnewaska State Park Preserve epitomize the true splendor of the Hudson Valley; stunning white cliffs stand in stark contrast to sapphire sky lakes, and breathtaking panoramic views of the Catskills and Hudson Valley abound.

Follow the crystal clear Peter’s Kill brook along her lazy path through the mossy glen and find yourself a world away; immersed in the tranquil, serene beauty of the fabled Shawangunks.  

Stroll along the carriageways and witness striking views from the rugged cliffs which dominate the ridge; you’ll be met by a host of exotic native inhabitants: red tailed hawks and peregrine falcons make these cliffs their home.

Rest beside the awe-inspiring Awosting Falls and feel the pure cool mist against your face.  Breathe the pine-scented mountain air, and be still.    

Located just minutes from the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa, the unique ecology of Minnewaska State Park Preserve offers visitors an exceptional opportunity to explore the true majesty of the Hudson Valley.

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  1. haven't been up there in years, there really is no place like it. we used to take the kids swimming at the lake in the summer, really clear water but cold!

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